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Precision Medicine

Precision medicine (also known as personalized medicine) uses information about a person’s genes, proteins, and environment to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer. Precision medicine includes the use of biomarkers, molecular testing, and targeted therapies to deliver a personalized approach to cancer therapy through the use of molecular and genomic information about individual cancers. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) defines precision medicine as “discovering unique therapies that treat an individual’s cancer based on the specific abnormalities of their tumor.”

Transforming Complex to Clear

ACCC develops comprehensive Precision Medicine resources that bring clarity to complex patient care decisions. Designed for multidisciplinary cancer teams, the resources enable clinicians to make educated and holistic decisions that can positively influence patient outcomes. No matter your learning style—podcasts, on-demand webinars, videos, or publications—the ACCC Precision Medicine Library has resources that provide essential knowledge you can apply to your patient care.

On-Demand Webinars

Cancer Buzz Podcast


  • Cell-culture-test-in-laboratory-768x512
    Must-Listen Podcasts on Precision Medicine
    December 13, 2021
    While precision medicine in cancer care is becoming more widespread, its rapid evolution in oncology requires ongoing discussion. ACCC’s podcast, CANCER BUZZ, features lively expert discussions about emergent issues in cancer care. Here we highlight some of those podcasts.
  • Precision Medicine 300x200
    Transforming Complex to Clear: New Precision Medicine Tools
    November 09, 2021
    ACCC has launched Transforming Complex to Clear—a precision medicine campaign that has developed a range of tools and resources to help bring clarity to complex patient care decisions. Designed for multidisciplinary cancer teams, learn more about how these resources can enable clinicians to make educated and confident decisions.
  • Biomarker Testing NSLC Roadmap
    ACCC Launches Precision Medicine Campaign
    November 04, 2021
    In launching its new campaign, "Transforming Complex To Clear," ACCC brought together expert panelists to discuss effective practices and offer tips to address current barriers to biomarker testing in the community setting.
  • barriers-to-liquid-biopsy-240x160
    Barriers to Liquid Biopsy
    October 14, 2021
    Liquid biopsy, a genetic test that can eliminate some of the most serious potential drawbacks of traditional tissue biopsy, is gaining more traction in cancer care. But there remain significant barriers to its widespread use.
  • lung-cancer-screening-400x267
    ACCC Recognizes World Lung Cancer Day
    July 29, 2021
    August 1 marks World Lung Cancer Day. Long at the forefront of teaching multidisciplinary cancer care teams about how to best implement new and evolving lung cancer therapies into their programs and practices, ACCC shares several of its current initiatives to promote optimal lung cancer care delivery.
  • Blocks arranged to spell out policy
    ACCC Signs Statement on Medicare MCED Screening Coverage Act of 2021
    March 22, 2021
    Led by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, ACCC has joined more than 300 organizations in signing a letter urging the passage of the MCED Screening Coverage Act, which will help cancer care providers be able to use the latest testing technologies to improve quality of life and better patient outcomes.

Featured Opportunity

Optimizing Advanced NSCLC Biomarker Testing, Treatment, and Management
ACCC—in partnership with the American Society for Clinical Pathology—is committed to providing the resources, tools, and education you need to optimize the diagnosis, testing, and management of patients with advanced NSCLC—particularly those with ALK mutations. Receive up to 4.5 hours of CME/CMLE credit as you increase your knowledge in the testing, treatment, and management of patients with advanced NSCLC.

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Digital tools

Biomarker Lexicon
Explore the many terms associated with the different areas and applications of cancer biomarkers.

Biomarker Resource Library
Search this resource bank of nationally available materials relevant to cancer biomarkers and biomarker testing. You may filter by cancer type, area of application, and/or primary audience.

Biomarker Toolkit
This practical toolkit is centered around the four key elements needed to develop a precision medicine program that successfully incorporates biomarker testing.

MRD Testing Implementation Roadmap
Navigate how to lay the groundwork for MRD testing, prepare your care team, implement testing, and evaluate ongoing progress.

MRD Testing Resource Library
Curated materials to help establish and implement MRD testing for your patients with adult B-cell ALL.

Biomarker Testing Implementation Roadmap for Advanced NSCLC
An innovative tool to implement, expand, and sustain biomarker testing for patients with advanced NSCLC.

Biomarker Testing Resource Library
Curated materials to support the implementation of biomarker testing for patients with advanced NSCLC.

Bispecific Antibodies Resources
Links to recent scholarship and resources that can help practices better serve their patients who may be eligible for TRBA therapy.

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