ACCC’s partner organization, the Cancer Support Community® (CSC) is a nonprofit organization that provides personalized and essential services to those living with cancer and their caregivers including support groups, educational workshops, exercise, art and nutrition classes, and social activities. CSC created the Cancer Experience Registry® to identify and advance the understanding of the emotional and social needs of people living with cancer and their caregivers.

As a provider, this registry is a good place to direct your patients to help them:

  • Become advocates and active members of the cancer community
  • Help transform and improve the experience for other people impacted by cancer
  • Hear from patient, caregiver and medical experts about lifestyle changes they may need to make or how to better manage side effects
  • Give back by offering their own expertise and support

All of these goals — and others — can be accomplished by participating in the Cancer Experience Registry®. The data collected can help develop a better understanding of how to best support and communicate with patients and their caregivers. Learn more about how your cancer program can participate to support your patients today.

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