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ACCC is leading the way in transforming oncology practice management and operations resources that connect real-world challenges with real-world solutions.

Oncology programs and practices must keep pace with clinical and technological advancements in the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancer. As the healthcare landscape continues to rapidly evolve, management and operations acumen is critical to sustaining the delivery of quality cancer care. However, incorporating the latest therapies and diagnostics into cancer programs can be challenging, especially for communities that lack funding for training and new tools. In addition, many factors, such as size, structure, location, scope of services, staffing, patient populations, and payer mix, can impact the management and operations of cancer programs and practices.

To help address these issues, ACCC has created a comprehensive resource library and facilitated peer-to-peer learning opportunities to provide the training and education that new cancer treatment options often require. In addition, ACCC offers solutions to other oncology practice challenges such as, orienting new-to-oncology staff with a 360-degree view of cancer program fundamentals, making a business care for hiring new staff, strategies for building staff resilience and well-being, integrating telehealth into practice, understanding evolving payment models, and more.

Alternative Payment Model Coalition (APMC)

As the healthcare industry moves from volume- to value-based care, cancer programs are adopting alternative payment models (APMs), which provide incentives for providing high-quality and cost-effective care. This coalition will focus on addressing industry concerns about APMs and will investigate how these payment models impact cancer delivery, providers, and patients. 

Cancer Program Fundamentals

These peer-developed resources provide a high-level overview of the fundamental services provided by cancer programs. These materials, which include links to standards and accrediting organizations, have been developed for those who are new to oncology, as well as those exploring a new area within the cancer service line or those seeking to expand established services.

Making the Case for New Staff

Download these discipline-specific business briefs to learn how to justify the hiring of critical cancer care staff members, such as oncology social workers, oncology pharmacists, registered dietitian nutritionists, board certified genetic counselors, financial navigators, and oncology psychologists.

Oncology Practice Transformation and Integration Center (OPTIC)

To help facilitate education and training that new treatment options often require, ACCC has formed this network of multidisciplinary professionals to support ongoing peer-to-peer learning.

Oncology Team Resiliency

Burnout is on the rise as oncology becomes increasingly complex with new treatment options, growing financial toxicity, an aging patient population, and an increasingly burdensome healthcare system. ACCC is committed to identifying shared strategies and solutions to help combat the burnout and frustration that many of its members experience.


The loosening of restrictions and policies during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed for the rapid implementation of telehealth and telemedicine into cancer care. Through interviews and focus groups, ACCC continues to document how the growing need for telehealth services has impacted oncological care.

Learning Tools

Cancer Program Fundamentals
Peer-developed, foundational information on the basic areas encompassed in the development of a cancer program, including Oncology Services, Comprehensive Care, Survivorship, Community Engagement, and more.

Alternative Payment Model Coalition Checklist
Understand how your program’s current capabilities align along the APM continuum from developing to evolved and determine the appropriate level of risk.

Alternative Payment Models in Cancer Care Online Course
If your cancer center is ready to begin or expand its journey to value-based care—but you are not sure how to get started—these modules can help.

Mindfulness Meditation Series
This online meditation series can help manage stress levels and improve your social, emotional, physical, and mental health. Through meditation, we cultivate an awareness of the present moment and train the mind to better understand how and why we think and feel the way we do.

Comprehensive Cancer Care Services Matrix
Download this tiered matrix of recommendations that cancer practices and programs can use to benchmark and advocate for service line growth. Provision of these key services can elevate patient care; reduce costs; improve care coordination; and provide differentiation in your marketplace.

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