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ACCC Rebranding


Introducing the new...


You spoke, we listened

For most of 2023, the ACCC Board and staff undertook a strategic planning process that reflected—and celebrated—its glorious past accomplishments and looked to position the organization for continued growth and expansion to meet the changing needs of its membership. This strategic planning process included input from a broad cross-section of ACCC members, key stakeholders, and professional consultants.

To reflect a changing landscape and the future direction of multidisciplinary team-based cancer care delivery, a consensus was reached to make a subtle change in the organization’s name. Moving forward, ACCC will be known as:



  • Reflects the gathering, inclusion, and value of everyone on the ever-expanding cancer care team.
  • Along with scientific and clinical advances, it acknowledges the many critical services and patient needs, like psycho-social care, genetic counseling, and nutrition services, which allow patients and families to recognize optimal outcomes. Most importantly, the words “Cancer Care” mean care that is equitable and readily available to everyone—regardless of the community they live in.
  • Is representative of our multidisciplinary members who come from all types of cancer programs that serve the community: independent physician practices, enterprise level physician networks, small hospital cancer programs, major integrated delivery networks, academic cancer programs, and everything in between and wherever cancer care may be delivered over the next 50 years.
  • Allows us to retain ACCC: a well-known and well-respected acronym.


Download our new ACCC logo and ACCC | 50th Anniversary logo editions in jpeg and png formats here:

ACCC_50_final_full_name-4359x1675JPG 1 MB: download

ACCC_50_final_full_name-4359x1675PNG 160 KB: download

ACCC-50_full_color_outlines-1200x433JPG 200 KB: download

ACCC-50_full_color_outlines-1200x433PNG 36 KB: download



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