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Financial Advocacy

ACCC is committed to continue to lead the way by building the confidence of financial advocates, connecting them with solutions and ultimately improving the patient experience. Through the Financial Advocacy Network tools and resources, our goal is to empower providers to proactively integrate financial health into the oncology care continuum and help patients gain access to high-quality care for a better quality of life.


Financial Advocacy Boot Camp

Whether you are an experienced financial advocate or new to the field, this boot camp will empower you to help your patients and your program address the growing issue of financial toxicity. Two levels of dynamic, online courses provide the key introductory knowledge and advanced strategies necessary to help your patients pay for treatment—while maximizing reimbursement at your program.


Patient Assistance & Reimbursement

This guide to financial assistance contains directions program enrollment from 44 companies, granting eligible insured, underinsured, and uninsured patients access to more than 194 oncology medications at little or no cost.

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Financial Advocacy Playbook

This Playbook is a tool that can be used by anyone on the cancer care team and especially by those who provide any level of financial advocacy services to oncology patients. It should be used to help train those new to their role in financial advocacy and provide additional training and resources for those financial advocates already on the team.


Financial Advocacy Toolkit

ACCC, its members, and partners have collected new and updated resources to help you develop, implement, and continue to deliver effective financial advocacy services in your cancer program or practice.

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  • [VIDEO PODCAST] Ep 06: Financial Advocacy Playbook
    Sep 16, 2021

    In this episode, we talk with an oncology program manager and member of the Financial Advocacy Network Advisory Committee about the great need this robust resource fills in helping relieve financial toxicity, so patients can focus on their cancer care.

  • [PODCAST] Ep 13: Financial Health Literacy
    Mar 25, 2020

    Understand the importance of financial health literacy for patients with cancer, how cancer team members can better help patients and caregivers avoid financial toxicity, and what steps cancer programs can take to promote awareness and proactive engagement.

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