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Boot Camp

Powerful Training to Boost Your Financial Advocacy Skills

Whether you are an experienced financial advocate or new to the field, the ACCC Financial Advocacy Boot Camp prepares you to help your patients and your program address the growing issue of financial toxicity.

Two levels of dynamic, online courses will empower you to help cancer patients navigate the complex and fragmented healthcare system to pay for treatment—while maximizing reimbursement at your program. Work at your own pace to acquire the key knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the increasingly essential field of oncology financial navigation.

With ongoing changes in healthcare coverage and reimbursement, professional development is critical to stay ahead in this ever-changing landscape.

Boot Camp Level I Courses

Financial Advocacy Fundamentals

Review the basics of financial advocacy and health insurance coverage. Learn how financial advocacy services can be provided in cancer programs and practices. Gain a fundamental understanding of public and private health insurance coverage options available for cancer patients.

Enhancing Communication

Learn practical tips to improve communication with members of the clinical team, engage patients about financial concerns, and screen patients for financial toxicity. Delve into different communication methods, the importance of health literacy, and screening tools that can be implemented across practice settings.

Improving Insurance Coverage

Gain a solid understanding of Medicaid, Medicare, and other public health insurance options, and practical strategies that can help reduce patients’ out-of-pocket burden. Learn how cancer patients may be able to gain better health insurance coverage or tap into resources to reduce financial toxicity.

Maximizing External Assistance

Understand the basics of various external assistance programs and other sources of financial assistance available for patients who have public health insurance, private insurance, or no insurance. Learn which programs are based on financial need and other eligibility criteria.

Developing and Improving Financial Advocacy Programs and Services

Identify strategies to track cost savings for patients and for the cancer provider or facility. Learn how to apply different tracking methods and reporting tools to evaluate your financial advocacy program and identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Boot Camp Level II Courses*

Oncology 101

Gain a solid understanding of oncology diseases, the latest treatment advances, why personalized oncology is changing care, and what is on the horizon.

Financial Distress Screening

Learn more about proactively assessing patients for financial stressors, take a more in-depth look at handling sensitive, difficult conversations, and benefit from case examples.

Cost-Related Health Literacy

Take a deeper dive into how to help overcome financial cost literacy gaps, review communication approaches (visual, verbal), experience the patient perspective, and find real-world solutions though case studies.

Measuring and Reporting Outcomes

Show the value that financial advocacy brings to your patients and your program. Learn from the successes of others, and discover practical steps to help improve your processes.

*Financial Advocacy Boot Camp participants must graduate from Level I in order to access Level II. Upon completion, all graduates will receive detailed instructions on how to enroll to Boot Camp Level II and begin the next set of learning modules.


ACCC Members

The Boot Camp is FREE to all ACCC members as a benefit of membership.

Non-ACCC Members

Non-members can receive unlimited access to the Boot Camp when they join ACCC as an Individual Member. Explore the benefits of membership.


Please contact ACCC to find out how you can enroll in the Financial Advocacy Boot Camp.

Is your cancer program a member of ACCC? If so, you are entitled to membership benefits including Financial Advocacy Boot Camp, at no charge. All cancer program members are listed here. Please email if you work at one of these cancer programs.

All members of the Oncology State Society at ACCC are entitled to access the Financial Advocacy Boot Camp at no charge through their select member benefits in ACCC.

Who Should Enroll

The Financial Advocacy Boot Camp is designed for financial advocates, counselors, and navigators; nurses; patient advocates and navigators; social workers; pharmacists and pharmacy techs; billers and coders; practice managers; patient benefit representatives; cancer program administrators; and other healthcare professionals involved in financial advocacy for patients with cancer.

Why Participate?

Whether you are a seasoned professional who works full time in financial advocacy, new to the field, or assisting patients and their families as part of your job, Financial Advocacy Boot Camp is for you.

Complete the modules and you will:

  • Understand the basics of oncology and how cancer programs deliver financial advocacy services
  • Be familiar with key health insurance terms and definitions to guide cancer patients through the health insurance maze
  • Improve skills to screen cancer patients for financial distress and engage in conversations about financial responsibility and financial toxicity
  • Gain strategies to help patients choose the best health plan for their circumstances
  • Enhance your ability to effectively guide patients through the process of applying for patient assistance programs
  • Be able to evaluate your program’s financial advocacy services and develop plans for continuous quality improvement.