Assess Your Program

To help cancer programs evaluate their current health literacy efforts and prioritize steps for improvement,  ACCC developed a health literacy gap assessment tool. This tool is intended to help cancer programs advance their delivery of patient-centered care by integrating key attributes of a health literate healthcare program. By completing the assessment tool, cancer programs can identify educational needs and pinpoint areas where targeted education could improve patient care.

The tool has 6 assessment domains:

  • Domain #1: Health Literacy Program (8 questions)
  • Domain #2: Staff Training (6 questions)
  • Domain #3: Health Information (12 questions)
  • Domain #4: Navigation (9 questions)
  • Domain #5: Technology (6 questions)
  • Domain #6: Quality Measurement and Improvement (4 questions)

Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a personalized report with scores in each domain. Using this report, cancer programs can customize short- and long-term goals for improvement, taking into account such factors as your program’s resource level, infrastructure, and administrative/leadership support and commitment to improve health literacy for your entire patient population or among high-risk populations.

*ACCC will not report your score. These assessment results are private and for program-improvement purposes only.
Take the Assessment

After you take the assessment, use these post-assessment resources to start your health literacy improvement plan.