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ACCC Innovator Awards



In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demands on cancer programs and practices to be innovative in order to adapt and thrive are greater than ever. The 2021 ACCC Innovator Awards will recognize and support ACCC Cancer Program Members that have developed forward-thinking strategies to meet this new reality in cancer care delivery.

Now in its eleventh year, the ACCC Innovator Awards recognize creative ideas and compelling solutions in oncology from nationwide. Innovations should advance the goals of improving access, quality, and value in cancer care delivery.

Suggested areas of focus include:
  • Telehealth & Virtual Care
  • Staffing Models/Recruitment & Retention Practices
  • Cancer Service Line Financial Sustainability
  • Interdisciplinary Partnerships in Care Coordination
  • Patient-Centered Care & Supportive Services
  • Precision Medicine in the Community
  • Community Outreach, Prevention & Screening
  • Health Equity & Diversity
  • Financial Advocacy & Navigation
  • Patient Engagement & Shared Decision-Making Strategies
  • Staff Resiliency & Well-Being
  • Technology Solutions to Improve Patient Care
Criteria for submissions:
  1. Is your program innovative, creating positive change for your patients and staff?
  2. Does this innovation advance patients' access to quality cancer care?
  3. Does your program demonstrate value to patients and payers?
  4. Can your innovation be replicated in other community-based cancer programs?
  5. Does your innovation look to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce cost of care?

Applicants should fully explain how their program achieves these goals, and how it can be replicated in other cancer programs. The application process is open until Monday, February 22, 2021.

Click here for more details on criteria for Innovator Awards submissions. Unlike many professional award opportunities, there is no fee to apply for an ACCC Innovator Award-just one valuable benefit of ACCC Cancer Program Membership!

Winners are recognized and will present their innovations at the ACCC 38th National Oncology Conference, October 20–22, 2021, in Austin, TX, and will be featured in our peer-reviewed journal, Oncology Issues. Selected cancer programs will receive regional and national exposure as their innovations are shared with oncology care providers, the broader healthcare community, and national media outlets.

Applicants must be affiliated with ACCC as a Cancer Program Member. Winners will be selected through a peer review process.

For information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or email Monique Marino, Director, Editorial Content and Strategy.


icon-star-20x20Past ACCC Innovator Award Winners

Since 2011, ACCC Innovator Awards honor Cancer Program Members for their ingenuity and pioneering achievements in oncology. Innovations advance the goals of improving access, quality, and value in cancer care delivery.