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Financial Advocacy Guidelines

The newly released ACCC Financial Advocacy Services Guidelines—a framework for oncology financial advocacy programs everywhere.

A Commitment to Equitable and Affordable Cancer Care

Financial Advocacy Services GuidelinesAs we celebrate modern advances in anti-cancer treatment, such as precision medicine and managing advanced disease as a chronic condition, it is crucial to acknowledge the ever-increasing healthcare costs that come with these achievements. Patients and their families often face a complex healthcare and insurance ecosystem where financial incentives are not always aligned with access to and affordability of care.

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) is helping meet this need as the leading organization in providing necessary support and a voice to its members to help us better address patients' financial concerns. In this effort, the ACCC Financial Advocacy Network has released its 2023 Financial Advocacy Services Guidelines to assist cancer programs and practices in effectively developing and implementing financial advocacy programs.

ACCC is committed to advocating for and supporting all oncology financial advocates, from financial navigators and counselors to social workers, oncology pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, patient advocates, and more. We envision "comprehensive and equitable cancer care" as synonymous with fighting financial toxicity for everyone, everywhere.


Olalekan AjayiOlalekan Ajayi, PharmD, MBA
2023-2024 ACCC President
Chief Operating Officer
Highlands Oncology Group, PA


The current edition of the Financial Advocacy Services Guidelines was developed by the Financial Advocacy Guidelines Task Force.

"All patients deserve the right to access these services....Many of us have built financial advocacy programs in our cancer program or practice without the benefit of formal training, established standards, or documented processes, but the ACCC Guidelines are an important step toward changing that."

Angie SantiagoAngie Santiago, CRCS
Chair, ACCC Financial Advocacy Network
Manager, Oncology Financial Advocacy, Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at the Thomas Jefferson University Health System


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Financial Advocacy Guidelines Cover This edition of the Financial Advocacy Services Guidelines was published in 2018.