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ACCC offers many economical and effective ways to advertise your company using the power and influence of the Association's publications.

Community hospital cancer center programs and local physician practices care for more than 80 percent of the cancer patients in this country. The shift in cancer care from academic centers to the community has been dramatic, not only from the patient perspective, but for the organizations who support these centers. Across the country, cancer centers and private practices in both urban and rural settings are staffed by more than 5,000 community oncologists and 25,000 affiliated healthcare providers.

As you know, it is challenging to efficiently communicate your message to such a large and diverse audience. However, ACCC has the membership and the platforms to help deliver your message to the desktops of oncology healthcare professionals nationwide.

Partnering with ACCC offers benefits and returns that far exceed your financial commitment. If your goal is creating solid relationships with decision makers at the nation’s cancer centers, clinics, and practices, ACCC can help you. Partnering with ACCC gives you incalculable benefits, and unparalleled access to leaders at the nation’s cancer centers and practices.

Uniquely Positioned in the Cancer Care Field

ACCC is the only organization that gives your company access to the entire multidisciplinary cancer care team. ACCC gives your company access to both community-based hospitals, academic institutions, and group/private practices. As the leading voice for the multidisciplinary cancer care team, ACCC gives companies the opportunity to reach the audience where cancer care is given: the community level. ACCC is the only organization that gives companies the opportunity to reach the entire cancer care team: clinicians, oncology nurses, administrators, oncology pharmacists, medical directors, and practice managers at the nation’s practices and cancer centers.

Marketing Opportunities Overview

Reaching and exceeding your corporate objectives this year is made easier with ACCC’s integrated marketing opportunities. With our unique programs, we can help you tailor your message and method to meet your marketing goals. We invite you to consider your advertising opportunities in the following resources:

Digital Media 

Website Sponsorship
ACCC-CANCER.ORG is a leading online destination for the oncology community. The site offers advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience: key decision-makers at the nation's cancer centers and oncology practices. ACCC's online resources are the destination of choice for oncology healthcare professionals and consumers including cancer patients, family members, and advocacy organizations.

Digital Communications
ACCC email alerts and updates provide sponsors with an unprecedented and cost-effective opportunity to advertise directly to a targeted and receptive audience: oncology health care professionals. ACCC email communications allow you to place your message directly in the hands of medical and radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, medical directors, oncology pharmacists, and other oncology health care professionals.

ACCC Employment Center
The Association's Employment Center is your online resource for careers in the oncology health care field. Whether you're a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, oncology nurse, medical director, program administrator, CEO, CFO, or manager in a group practice, we have positions listed for you!

Print Advertising 

Oncology Issues Rates
Oncology Issues is the official journal of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC). Since 1986, Oncology Issues has been the leading oncology–related publication devoted to the policy, management, and financing issues of concern to cancer care providers. Oncology Issues help oncology hospitals and private practices gain the competitive edge, while providing quality cancer care for their patients.

Live Events