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Together we can help key policy makers at the federal and local levels better understand how their decisions on policy and legislation impact community oncology care. State and federal legislation can have a real impact on your bottom line and the financial viability of your organization, which is why it's so important that ACCC members bring their on-the-frontline perspectives to the legislative process.


ACCC Capitol Hill Day 2019

On Wednesday, March 20, ACCC members representing 21 states and covering 150 districts headed to Capitol Hill to advocate on behalf of their cancer patients. Capitol Hill Day was the first opportunity for ACCC members to meet with the 116th Congress, a diverse legislative class featuring more than 100 newly elected Representatives and 10 Senators. 

In nearly 70 scheduled meetings, participants advocated for oral parity (H.R.1730/S.741), clinical trial coverage for Medicaid enrollees with life-threatening conditions (H.R. 913), and discussed the rising cost of healthcare and drugs. Read the ACCC advocacy issue and advocacy briefs below:

During a luncheon address, Robyn Stacy-Humphries, MD, Radiation Oncologist and Patient Advocate, shared the compelling story of her battle with lymphoma and the importance of clinical trial access, having herself participated in a CAR T-cell therapy clinical trial. 

Explore highlights from Capitol Hill Day 2019 here


ACCCBuzz Blog Advocacy Posts

  • Blocks arranged to spell out policy
    New Louisiana Law Bans White Bagging
    By Kristin Marie Ferguson, DNP, RN, OCN
    June 17, 2021
    On June 1, 2021, the Governor of Louisiana signed legislation that banned “white bagging” in the state, ensuring that health insurers cannot refuse to pay for approved physician-administered drugs and related services to covered patients. It is the first such law in the United States.
  • Human Head Radiates Colors
    Cancer Survivors Share Their Stories
    June 15, 2021
    While cancer continues to be among the leading causes of death worldwide, an increasing number of patients are surviving the disease as medical advancements in treatment, testing, and screening improve their prognoses. June is National Cancer Survivor Month, so ACCC is celebrating the lives and stories of all cancer survivors within our membership and across the globe. Here, we share a few of their stories.
  • BlackFamCan Blog Image
    ACCC Raises Awareness for National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week
    June 14, 2021
    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Oncology Center of Excellence, Project Community, has designated June 17 to June 23 as National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week. The week coincides with Juneteenth—an important date in our nation’s history that marks and celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. By participating in the #BlackFamCan social media effort, ACCC is building support and sharing knowledge with key stakeholders about the importance of including Black patients in cancer clinical trials and genetic databases for oncology research to improve access and effect change in cancer care delivery.
  • Advocacy in Action: Putting Guardrails Around Step Therapy
    June 10, 2021
    The delivery of the right treatment to the right patient at the right time is a hallmark of quality care. Step therapy applied to oncology can needlessly and dangerously derail a patient's care.
  • Hill day presentation slide
    ACCC Virtual Hill Day Brings Together Members, Lawmakers
    By Kristin Marie Ferguson, DNP, RN, OCN
    June 04, 2021
    “For me, this experience was excellent, and I felt prepared with the preparation ACCC offered,” said Jared Kast, RT(T), MHA. The successful ACCC Virtual Hill Day—held May 12, 2021—brought together ACCC members and state lawmakers. Learn more about what issues were discussed and members' experiences in this new virtual format.
  • Wisconsin logo
    State by State: Advocacy Advances PBM Reform, Part 2
    June 03, 2021
    In March, the Wisconsin legislature passed the 2021 Wisconsin Act 9 with overwhelming bipartisan support. Enactment of this PBM reform legislation establishes, for the first time, PBM oversight in Wisconsin.

ACCC Members talk about hill day

begin-quoteI appreciated all the energy around trying to move cancer to the forefront with people who can vote on policy.

Gina Moon, CFO
Green Bay Oncologyend-quote

begin-quote[Congressional staff were] engaged, actively listening.

Angela DeCillis, DNP, RN, NE-BC
Newark Beth Israel, RWJ Barnabus Health System end-quote

begin-quoteI think the level of support that ACCC provides is really great for newbies like me ... this has been a great opportunity to have a voice and be part of healthcare policy.

Robin Hearne, MS, RN
The Outer Banks Hospitalend-quote