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Oncology Issues is the official journal of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC). As one of the only non-clinical, programmatic journals covering cancer, Oncology Issues provides “how-to” articles for the entire multidisciplinary oncology care team, on a wide range of topics.

Latest Issue


AI’s Role in Advancing Cancer Prevention: Detection, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Precision Medicine

By Amanda Patton, MA

An interview with Picture Health’s Anant Madabhushi, PhD, and Trishan Arul on the expanding role of AI and healthcare professionals in the fields of biomedical engineering and computer science. AI tools power business intelligence platforms and software that streamline operational functions, including scheduling, virtual visits, and safety and quality processes. AI-driven cancer research is helping to achieve the precision medicine goal: targeting the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Also in This Issue:

  • Population Health Navigators: An Innovative Approach for Supporting Underserved Patients
    This trailblazing cancer program leverages population health navigators to address the unique needs of Black, Latinx, and rural patients with cancer.
  • The State of Access and the Healthcare Experience for Patients with Cancer
    This national survey analyzed patient access goals, systems and processes, performance metrics and initiatives, and current challenges in cancer care delivery.
  • ePROS: Lighting the Way to Improved Outcomes, Efficiency, and patient Experience
    One practice successfully implementing an ePRO platform aimed at reducing emergency department utilization and unplanned hospitalization, while improving the patient’s quality of life.
  • Institution-Directed Quality Improvement of Genetic Counseling and Testing for Community Oncology Patients with Breast Cancer
    ACCC conducted this national, institution-directed quality improvement initiative aimed at increasing the rates of guideline-concordant genetic counseling and testing in patients with Stage 0 to III breast cancer, where results could impact care.
  • Exploring Current Perceptions of Multi-Cancer Early Detection Testing Among Healthcare Providers
    ACCC conducted this comprehensive survey and series of four focus to explore current attitudes, beliefs, and concerns related to multi-cancer early detection as well as the capacity to inte-grate this testing into cancer programs and practices.


  • 2023 Coding Update and Highlights from the HOPPS and MPFS Final Rules


  • St. Anthony Regional Cancer Center, Carroll, Iowa


  • Expressing Life’s Inexplicable Events Through Art

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