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Fellow of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (FACCC)

Among the membership of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) are exemplary volunteers whose tireless service and dedication has benefitted ACCC as well as the cancer care community. The Fellow of the Association of Community Cancer Centers (FACCC) honor was created to recognize these active members for their leadership and contributions and inspire increased engagement among their colleagues.
List of Fellows

Eligibility Criteria & Selection Process

Those eligible for this distinction are active ACCC provider members who have accumulated an engagement score of 50 or more points awarded for qualifying engagement and volunteer activities. Activities are scored based on ACCC’s points system.

Each year, a list of eligible ACCC provider members is reviewed by the Board of Trustees. Once approved, the new class ACCC Fellows will be conferred the lifetime FACCC status and recognized among their peers at the House of Delegates meeting during the Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit.

ACCC Points/ System

Points* Engagement Level Role/Activity**
5 Governing / Strategic Leader – Governance role within ACCC.
  • ACCC Board of Trustees – Elected Officer, Member
  • ACCC Board-Appointed or Education Project Committee Chair
  • Oncology Issues Editor-in-Chief
  • Appointed liaison by the ACCC President to other oncology-related organizations
4 Serving / Thought Leader – Leadership role within ACCC.
  • ACCC Board-Appointed or Education Project Committee Member
  • Oncology Issues Editorial Board Member

  • Task Force Member
3 Creating / Subject Matter Expert – Providing content.
  • Faculty member or contributor to an ACCC Live Meeting

  • Contributor to ACCC print and digital content

  • Contributor to print and digital content, abstracts and manuscripts on behalf of ACCC
2 Participating / Engaged Champion – Highly active in ACCC.
  • Completing Financial Advocacy Boot Camp

  • ACCC Advocacy – ACCC-organized national or regional hill day event participation

  • Completing an ACCC comprehensive survey

  • Serving as a Delegate Representative
1 Engaged Member – Attending meetings
  • Meeting Attendance - Attending an ACCC national or regional meeting

  • Pre-conference Event – Attending an ACCC Pre-Conference Event for NOC or AMCCBS

  • Completing a Delegate Representative Orientation


*Points are assigned either per activity or per year of role. Many of the activities listed have been tracked since 2017.

**Activities and roles are not limited to those listed.