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Dermatologic Toxicities

Supportive Care Strategies for Dermatologic Toxicities Related to Cancer Therapies

As cancer therapies increase in efficacy, there is a growing community of survivors: 18.1 million in the US, a number projected to grow to 22.5 million by 2032 and 26 million by 2040.1 Longer-term dermatologic adverse events associated with several novel cancer therapies are being experienced by patients and survivors, and despite documentation of more than 50 distinct dermatologic toxicities in association with at least 30 anti-cancer agents, dermatologic adverse events are often underreported or overlooked.2 The broad spectrum of dermatologic adverse events can exact a heavy toll on patients’ physical, emotional, financial, and psychosocial well-being, as well as their interpersonal relationships, with profound effects on quality of life.

Supportive oncologic dermatology bridges gaps in communication by fostering collaboration among oncologists, dermatologists, nurses, and other supporting professionals to ease the burden of dermatologic toxicities on patients and improve treatment adherence and patient outcomes.

The Association of Cancer Care Centers (ACCC), with support by Johnson & Johnson, has launched an educational initiative that seeks to distill actionable approaches in the optimal management of dermatologic side effects associated with emerging novel cancer treatment modalities. Through the development of strategies to improve timely assessment of dermatologic toxicities as well as examination of clinical advances for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dermatologic conditions associated with treatment, this program explores the challenges related to the monitoring and managing of dermatologic adverse events to optimize care management and patient outcomes.

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