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Overcoming Prostate Cancer Disparities in Care Resource Library

With the guidance of its Advisory Committee and Partner Organizations, ACCC has developed a curated resource list that incorporates publications, tools, and other assets that can help cancer programs reduce disparities and improve early detection and care for vulnerable patients with prostate cancer.


Provider Resources

A Pilot Study to Compare a Community Health Worker-led vs a Physician-led Intervention for Prostate Cancer Screening Decision-Making Among Black Men, The Journal of Urology

Prostate Cancer–Specific Mortality Across Gleason Scores in Black vs Nonblack Men, JAMA

Disparities in Cancer Care and the Asian American Population, The Oncologist

Development of a Training to Address Needs of Sexual and Gender Minority Prostate Cancer Survivors: Results of Formative Research, Journal of Oncology Navigation & Survivorship

Prostate Cancer Patients' Self-Reported Participation in Research: An Examination of Racial/Ethnic Disparities, Cancer Causes & Control

Redefining Attribution From Patient to Health System--How the Notion of "Mistrust" Places Blame on Black Patients, JAMA

A Review of Social Determinants of Prostate Cancer Risk, Stage, and Survival, Prostate International

Racial Disparity in Prostate Cancer in the African American Population with Actionable Ideas and Novel Immunotherapies, Cancer Reports

Factors Influencing Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions for African-American and Caucasian Men, Cancer

Disparities in Prostate Cancer Survival in Appalachian Kentucky: A Population-Based Study, Rural and Remote Health

Differential Use of Medical Versus Surgical Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Patients with Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Cancer

Association between Marital Status and Prognosis in Patients with Prostate Cancer: A Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies, Urology Journal

Patient-Reported Financial Toxicity Associated with Contemporary Treatment for Localized Prostate Cancer, The Journal of Urology

Decision Support Tool: GU Medical Oncology Cancer Clinical Trials, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Clinical Trials 

Patient Resources

Prostate Cancer – What You Should Know About Screening: This informative one-pager developed as part of the Time to Screen Campaign (a collaboration between CancerCare and the Community Oncology Alliance) provides information to encourage people to take control of their health by getting recommended cancer screenings in a safe, convenient location.

Find Local Screening Options: Specialists staffing the Time to Screen hotline (1-855-537-2733) provide guidance on how to make appointments and find convenient cancer screening options in your community.

Health Event and Screening Finder: The Prostate Conditions Education Council (PCEC) provides an easy-to-access website for locating a health fair, screening event, or medical professional education event near you.

The Pro-Active Prostate Cancer Patient Toolkit: This toolkit, developed by the Patient Empowerment Network, provides information and downloadable resources to help patients communicate with their healthcare teams. Toolkit topics include understanding prostate cancer, prostate cancer treatment types and treatment decisions, accessing support, and advocating for the best care. 

Prostate Cancer Care Team Hub: The Prostate Cancer Care Team Hub is designed to help patients and their loved ones locate the information they need to be active participants in shared decision-making with their providers. The hub includes information about various prostate cancer specialists who may be involved in the care process as well as links to relevant resources and materials.

ZERO360 Comprehensive Patient Support: This free program helps patients and their families locate financial support and other resources. It includes information about services such as insurance navigation, financial aid, and emotional support.

Us TOO Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial Finder: This free and confidential service provides a customized approach to identifying clinical trials for unique patient needs. Patients or their loved ones can complete a brief questionnaire (online or by phone), and the trial finder will generate a list of available clinical trials within patient specifications.

The Black Men’s Prostate Cancer Initiative: This Us TOO webpage includes links to resources, videos, podcasts, and more specifically for Black men. Prostate Health Education Network provides information about prostate cancer early detection screening for Black men.

Educational Guides and Resources: Triage Cancer has developed quick guides and checklists with legal and practical information about navigating health insurance; finances and financial toxicity; estate planning and medical decision-making; employment and work; and disability insurance.

Cancer and Careers: For patients who may be looking for work during and after treatment, Cancer and Careers provides free publications, educational videos, charts and checklists, financial assistance grants, resume review services, and a resource database all in one place.

Movember: Movember funds groundbreaking men’s health projects. See a snapshot of their work in prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Patient Guide: Prostate Cancer Foundation updated their Prostate Cancer Patient Guide for 2021 to include new FDA approvals, graphics and worksheets, and a revised section on advanced prostate cancer. The 2021 edition includes three appendices: Patients Aged 50 and Younger, Gay and Bisexual Men and Trans Women, and Your Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic.



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