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Patient-Centered Small Cell Lung Cancer Care

Over the last two decades, new and evolving advances in lung cancer screening and treatment modalities have provided innovative options for patients with small cell lung cancer, improving their overall response rates and extending treatment response durations. However, given the complexity of care required for patients with small cell lung cancer, significant needs remain unmet.

By using real-world data, ACCC’s Patient-Centered Small Cell Lung Cancer Care: Insights from Patient- and Provider-Facing Surveys project will address disparities in cancer care delivery, uncover challenges in care delivery, and find solutions to improve quality of life for patients with small cell lung cancer.

Through the development and facilitation of both patient and provider surveys, ACCC will highlight the patient experience, dispel myths and misconceptions, breakdown guideline-discordant treatment plans, and identify and uncover barriers, gaps, and challenges to obtaining optimal care.

With the overall goal of facilitating optimized treatment options and improved care for patients, this project will identify actionable items, needed resources, and educational opportunities as well as provide cancer programs and practices with a model for managing challenges in small cell lung cancer care.

For more information on this project, please contact the ACCC Provider Education department.

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