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Mission Statement, Core Values, and Strategic Objectives

Mission Statement

To be the leading education and advocacy organization for the cancer care community.

Core Values

ACCC will fulfill its core purpose by pursuing and adhering to these core values:

Integrity - Collaboration - Stewardship - Knowledge - Service - Innovation - Excellence - Compassion

Strategic Objectives

Ideal Future State:

  • ACCC is a leader in the cancer care community, that brings together stakeholders to create comprehensive solutions that positively impact the patient experience and patient outcomes. ACCC is recognized as a collaborative and diverse organization that leverages the robust knowledge of its multidisciplinary membership to provide indispensable resources.



  • ACCC is recognized as the indispensable resource for connecting all members of the cancer care community.
  • Create and deliver educational and advocacy initiatives that support all providers along the cancer continuum from prevention to survivorship and end of life.
  • ACCC will manage its resources to meet its financial objectives.