Gap Assessment

For cancer programs taking the initiative to enhance their care for older adults, a first step is completing the Geriatric Oncology Gap Assessment.

ACCC developed this evidence-based assessment to help cancer programs evaluate their current geriatric oncology efforts and prioritize steps for improvement.

This assessment is intended to help cancer programs advance their delivery of patient-centered care by integrating the key attributes and guidelines of a geriatric-focused healthcare program. 

The assessment covers 9 domains:

  • Functional Status 
  • Cognition
  • Comorbidities
  • Decision Making: Screening, Life Expectancy, Chemo Toxicity
  • Pharmacy/Medication Management
  • Psychological Health
  • Nutrition
  • Patient Goals and Needs
  • Communication and Workforce Training

Upon completion, you receive a personalized report with scores in each domain, as well as an aggregate score. Using this report, your program can customize short- and long-term goals for improvement, taking into account factors such as your program’s resource level, infrastructure, and the support and commitment of your leadership and administration to improve care for older adults with cancer. 

Our Practical Application of Geriatric Assessment: A How-to Guide offers your program detailed solutions in each domain that can be implemented without burdening staff or budgets. 
Take the Assessment
*ACCC will not report your individual score. These assessment results are private and for program-improvement purposes only.