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Comprehensive Care of Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer through Shared Decision-Making Resource Library

With the guidance of its Advisory Committee and Partner Organizations, ACCC has developed a curated resource library that incorporates publications, tools, and other assets for improving provider/patient communications. These resources can help with talking to patients about their treatment options, taking into account patient values and priorities in decision-making conversations, and integrating decision-making tools and resources into clinical workflows.

Provider Resources

Journal Articles

Shared Decision-Making Tools and Training

Patient Resources
  • The Pro-Active Prostate Cancer Patient Toolkit: This toolkit, developed by the Patient Empowerment Network, provides information and downloadable resources to help patients communicate with their healthcare teams. Toolkit topics include understanding prostate cancer, prostate cancer treatment types and treatment decisions, accessing support, and advocating for the best care.
  • Key Considerations When Making Prostate Cancer Treatment Decisions: In this short video, Tomasz Beer, MD, FACP, Deputy Director at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, shares key considerations that impact advanced prostate cancer treatment decisions.
  • Advanced Prostate Cancer Fact Sheet and Infographic: developed this patient education one-pager that includes information about advanced prostate cancer types and treatment.
  • Understanding Advanced Prostate Cancer: Alicia Morgans, MD, a medical oncologist, gives an introduction to understanding advanced prostate cancer in this 3-minute video produced by
  • Advanced-Prostate-Patient-Guide: This booklet, developed by the Urology Care Foundation, provides information about diagnosing, screening, treating, and managing advanced prostate cancer.
  • Four Categories of Advanced Prostate Cancer: Prostate Conditions Education Council explains in plain language the four disease categories into which advanced prostate cancer can be classified. It also provides information about treatment options and side effects.
  • Prostate Health Education Network provides information about prostate cancer early detection screening for African American men.
  • Shared Decision Making for Prostate Cancer webinar: Hosted by Us TOO, presenters in this webinar address some of the concerns associated with the prostate cancer journey and provide guidance on building a support team and making informed decisions.
  • NCCN Guidelines for Patients: Prostate Cancer, Advanced Stage: This comprehensive publication, produced by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), provides step-by-step guidance to the cancer care options likely to have the best results. It’s based on treatment guidelines used by healthcare providers and is designed to help patients discuss cancer treatment with their doctors. The document is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.
  • NCCN Patient Webinar: Advanced Prostate Cancer: This free webinar is designed to help patients and caregivers compare, discuss, and select treatment options with their doctor.


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