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ACORI Research Review: March 2024

In this issue, learn about the unique challenges presented as younger populations are increasingly diagnosed with colorectal cancer, disparities in outcomes among underrepresented groups with multiple myeloma, AACR's inaugural 2023 conference discussion on recent advances in kidney cancer research, the innovative work of BioOncology Institute and Biocytics and their use of the Human Application Laboratory model, Flatiron's Clinical Pipe Tool and how it’s streamlining clinical trial research, initiatives aimed at improving outcomes in patients with mental illnesses and, lastly, how the Society for Social Work and Research is advancing social work research.
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ACORI Research Review: December 2023

In this issue, the importance of teams in the success of community clinical research, Profile: Society for Clinical Research Sites, design and implementation of clinical trials workshop, summary of 40th ACCC Innovator Awards, insurance status implications on clinical trial coverage, and clinical trial navigators and how they help patients navigate the system.
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ACORI Research Review: September 2023

In this issue, the value of cancer nursing research, this year's World Cancer Research Day call to action, The Chloe Study and its potential to impact a rare form of breast cancer, how one community oncology practice overcame barriers to research, an online community dedicated to assisting patients and providers navigate pancreatic cancer, and Trial Library, a tool that helps providers match patients with clinical trials and other patient navigation tools.
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ACORI Research Review: August 2022

Among other articles, read reflections on ASCO 2022, a discussion of the survey addressing cancer disparities in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as update on the ASCO-ACCC Initiative addressing the lack of equity, diversity, and inclusion in cancer clinical trials.
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ACORI Research Review: June 2022

Welcome back to the ACCC Research Review newsletter, re-launching after a hiatus since March of 2021. This newsletter highlights ACCC’s Community Oncology Research Institute’s (ACORI) advocacy for clinical research in the community. Access to clinical trials is fundamental to quality and eligibility of cancer care.
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