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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer accounts for approximately 30 percent of all new cancers in the United States. Estimates show 288,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed annually. Risk for breast cancer increases with age, but is also dependent on other factors such as genetic mutations, health history, etc. Breast cancer variations also occur depending on race and ethnicity.

Advances in early detection and treatment have helped to reduce breast cancer mortality, however disparities remain among cancer patients. ACCC education programs examine the latest multidisciplinary education and resources regarding health disparities in breast cancer care, the latest clinical advances, and initiatives that aim to improve the quality of breast cancer patient care.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Resources

While breast cancer is a high-profile disease, receiving significant private and public research funding and focused awareness and prevention initiatives, patients with metastatic breast cancer face unique challenges.

Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Resources

ACCC supports multidisciplinary breast cancer care teams with education and resources in areas such as HR+, HER2-, HER2+, Triple Negative, and BRCA testing.

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