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ACCC Innovator Awards Criteria

Innovations should advance the goals of improving access, quality, and value in cancer care delivery. Applicants should fully explain how their program achieves these goals, and how it can be replicated in other cancer programs.

Possible focus areas include new models in care coordination, at-risk and underserved populations, process improvement strategies, supportive care services, quality improvement initiatives, community outreach, prevention, and screenings, and immuno-oncology implementation.

Applications will be considered based on meeting one or more of the following:

  1. Is your program innovative, creating positive change for your patients and staff?
  2. Is it a new or improved approach to an issue often seen in cancer care delivery?
  3. Can this be replicated or adapted to other community-based cancer programs?
  4. Does this innovation advance patients’ access to quality cancer care? Does it result in more comprehensive service? Expand services? Provide a new service?
  5. Does your innovation look to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce cost of care? Improve care coordination among multidisciplinary team members?
  6. Will it be cost-effective to implement? Will it result in cost savings or generate measurable ROI?
  7. Does your program demonstrate value to patients and payers?

Past Innovator Award winner topics include:

  • A Model Immunotherapy Program at an Oncology Practice
  • Fusing Clinical and Business Metrics to Improve Quality
  • Value-Driven Symptom Management Clinics
  • Bridging the Psychosocial and Financial Needs of Oncology Patients
  • Maximizing Tele-Health Technology
  • From Distress Screening to Solutions: Patient-Centered Support
  • Bringing Lung Cancer Education & Screening to Rural Patients

Applicants must be affiliated with ACCC as a Cancer Program Member. Winners will be selected through a peer review process.

View the 2018 Innovator Awards winners.  

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions or email Lori Gardner, Senior Director, Communications & Marketing, ACCC.