ACCC Precision Medicine: Transforming Complex to Clear



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As precision medicine treatments for cancer continue to evolve and expand, ACCC is committed to providing our members with the latest information, resources, and programs to better assist their patients with critical care decisions.

Precision medicine is personalized medicine based on a patient’s genomics, lifestyle, and environment. These targeted therapies can include bispecific antibodies, biosimilar drugs, and immunotherapy. However, there are many factors to consider when determining which type of cancer treatment is the right choice for a patient and their family. For that reason, ACCC has launched a number of initiatives to ensure that our members have the latest resources to allow them to adapt and respond to any new or evolving treatments in cancer care.

Adverse Events

Join us for a series of educational sessions where team members across multiple disciplines can receive case-specific guidance from expert faculty on how to recognize and manage immune-related adverse events.


A biosimilar is a biological medical product that is highly similar to and has no clinically meaningful differences from an existing FDA-approved biological product.

Bispecific Antibodies

Bispecific antibodies are an emerging class of novel immunotherapy agents that have led to major breakthroughs in treating hematologic malignancies—and have promising applications for solid tumors.


As immunotherapy for cancer continues to evolve, the ACCC Immuno-Oncology (IO) Institute is at the forefront of developing critical educational materials to empower healthcare professionals across care delivery settings.