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Resources for the development, implementation, and continued delivery of effective financial advocacy services, including position descriptions and tools for communication, understanding the insurance process, handling denials, and information for patients.

Last Modified: January 2020


Financial Advocate Roles & Responsibilities
  • Financial Advocate Weekly Tracker - XLSX
  • Example Spreadsheet of Useful Bookmarks - XLSX
  • How to Navigate Patient Financial Toxicity - Webinar
  • Financial Advocacy Network Trends Survey Summary  PDF
  • Oncology Financial Navigators—Integral Members of the Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team  PDF
  • Financial Coordination Services at Lehigh Valley Health Network  PDF
  • The Value of Dedicated Financial Coordinators  PDF
  • Legal Resource Guide for Oncology Healthcare Providers  PDF
  • ERISA and Insurance Based Long-term Disability PDF
  • FAQs About the Family and Medical Leave Act  PDF
  • FAQs About the American Disabilities Act and People with Cancer  PDF
  • Qualifying for Social Security Disability  PDF
  • Glossary  PDF
  • 2014 Charge Capture Flowchart  PDF
  • Average Time Spent on Financial Advocate Tasks  PDF  |  WORD
  • New Patient Treatment Flow  PDF
  • Patient Financial Advocate Self Pay Action Flowchart  PDF
Job Descriptions/Recruitment Tools
  • Example Oncology Patient Financial Advocate Training Overview   PDF   
  • Financial and Billing Coordinator  PDF  |  WORD
  • Patient Access Coordinator  |  PDF  WORD
  • Patient Advocate  |  PDF  |  WORD
  • Patient Financial Advocate  PDF  |  WORD
  • Patient Financial Counselor  PDF  |  WORD
Communication with the Patient and Care Team
  • Example “Hello” Letter  DOCX
  • New Patient Needs Survey  PDF
  • Oncology 101 Dictionary  PDF
  • Active Listening 101  PDF
  • Active Listening Tips  PDF
  • Communication with Compassion  PDF
  • Communication Skills 101  PDF
  • Dealing with Anger  PDF
  • How to Check for Understanding  PDF
  • It's All in How you Phrase It  PDF
  • It's All in How you Phrase It (Answer Key)  PDF
  • How Skilled are You in Patient Counseling? Self Test  PDF
  • How Skilled are You in Patient Counseling? Self Test (Answer Key)  PDF
  • Best Practices for Resolution  PDF
  • Sample Collection Letters  PDF  |  WORD
Tracking and Reporting
  • Chemotherapy Tracking Tool by Patient  PDF  |  WORD
  • Tracking Form for Denied Claims  PDF
  • Sample Insurance Verification Form  PDF  |  WORD
Insurance Basics
  • Cancer Insurance Checklist  PDF
  • Template for Insurance Option Review  PDF | EXCEL
  • What are Drug Tiers  PDF
  • What is a Drug List or Formulary  PDF
Benefit Verification/Prior Authorization
  • Example Instructions for Imaging Requests – Chart Navigation  PDF
  • Self-Pay Patient Screening Map  IMAGE
  • Benefit Verification & Prior Authorization Checklist  PDF
  • Benefits Investigation Assessment Form  PDF  |  WORD
  • Insurance Verification Policy  PDF
  • Sample Insurance Verification Form  PDF
  • Treatment Pre-Authorization Policy  PDF
  • Overview of the Medicare Program & FAQs  PDF
  • Overview of the Medicare Prescription Coverage Gap  PDF
  • Medicare Appeals Process  PDF
  • Medicare Appeals Booklet  PDF
  • Medicare Transfer of Appeals Form  PDF
  • Medicare Appeals Process Flowchart—Parts A and B  PDF
  • Medicare Appeals Process Flowchart—Part C (Medicare Advantage)  PDF
  • Medicare Appeals Process Flowchart—Part D (Prescription Drug Benefit)  PDF
  • Medicare Authorization to Disclose Personal Health Information Form  PDF
  • Special Medicare Rules or Limits on Drug Use  PDF
  • Medicare Redetermination Request Form  PDF
  • Request for Medicare Hearing by an Administrative Law Judge Form  PDF
  • Medicare Appointment of Representative Form  PDF
  • Overview of Medicaid Program  PDF
Patient Assistance/Co-Pays
  • Drug Assistance Workflow  IMAGE
  • Pending Assistance Worksheet  DOCX
  • 2021 Patient Assistance & Reimbursement Guide  PDF
  • Patient Assistance Programs Quick Reference Guide  PDF
  • Patient Assistance Program Flowchart  PDF
  • Common Questions about Drug Discount Cards  PDF
  • Navigating Patient Assistance Programs for Immunotherapy Treatment (archived webinar)
  • Navigator Resource Guide  PDF
  • Market Application Checklist  PDF
  • 10 Things Providers Need to Know  PDF
  • Patient Assistance Checklist for Uninsured Patients  PDF  |  WORD
  • Patient Assistance Checklist for Medicare-Only Patients  PDF  |  WORD
  • Patient Assistance Checklist for Medicare & Supplemental  PDF  |  WORD
  • Patient Assistance Checklist for Medicaid Patients  PDF  |  WORD
  • Sample Hardship Letter  PDF
  • Federal Poverty Level Chart  PDF
  • US Directory of Health Care Coverage Options  PDF
  • Tips for Assisting Patients in Applying to PAPs  PDF
Filing Claims
  • Checklist for Claims Submission  PDF
  • Claims Production & Payment Processing Flowchart  PDF
  • Tips for Filing Claims  PDF
  • Tackling Chemotherapy Reimbursement  PDF
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Infusion Center Documentation  PDF
Denials & Appeals
  • Top Denial Codes  PDF
  • Top Denied Drugs  PDF
Patient Education Resources
  • Managing the Cost of Cancer Care  PDF
  • From Coverage to Care  PDF
  • Advanced Directives  PDF
  • Advanced Illness Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors and Patients  PDF
  • Can I Be Prepared if Cancer Occurs Financial Guidance for Those with Cancer  PDF
  • Coping Financially with the Loss of a Loved One  PDF
  • Financial Health Matters  PDF
  • How to Find a Financial Professional Sensitive to Cancer Issues  PDF
  • In–Treatment Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors and Families  PDF
  • Off–Treatment Financial Guidance for Cancer Survivors and Families  PDF
Financial Toxicity
  • The Development of a Financial Toxicity Patient-Reported Outcome in Cancer and COST Questionnaire and Scoring Tool  PDF
  • Full Disclosure—Out of Pocket Costs as Side Effects  PDF
  • Data Point: Medical Debt and Credit Scores  PDF
  • Medical Debt Among People with Health Insurance  PDF
  • The Financial Toxicity of Cancer Treatment  PDF

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