Awards FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine whether something qualifies as an innovation?

ACCC is looking for innovations that advance the goals of improving the delivery of quality cancer care. Take a look at previous award winners for the scope of projects that have been honored.

Can anyone in my cancer program apply for an award?

Anyone who is affiliated with ACCC as a Cancer Program Member is eligible to apply for an award. Innovator Awards are presented to the cancer program—not to individuals.

Can my cancer program submit more than one application?

You may submit more than one application for an award, but your program is not eligible to win more than one award.

How are award winners selected?

Entries will be reviewed by an ACCC Selection Committee.

What expenses are covered if we win?

The lead presenter will receive: round-trip coach airfare and ground transportation to the conference venue, up to two nights lodging, and complimentary conference registration.

When will award winners be announced?

The ACCC Innovator Award winners are notified directly in late March with an announcement to the general membership to follow.

What are the obligations of the Innovator Award winners?
  • Participate in the Innovator Award recognition ceremony at opening of the ACCC National Oncology Conference
  • Present their innovation in a session at the conference; day to be determined by ACCC
  • Provide a brief (2-3 minute) video that describes their innovation, which will be used in email marketing, on the ACCC website and social media, and shown during the award ceremony. 
What do Innovator Award winners receive?

Innovator Award winners gain exposure in their community and nationally, as these innovations are shared with oncology care providers and the broader healthcare community. Materials are provided to assist in promoting your award in your own community. Innovator Award winners will present their innovative programs at the upcoming ACCC National Oncology Conference. One lead speaker will receive complimentary registration and paid travel expenses.