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ACCC Alternative Payment Models Coalition Overview

The ACCC Alternative Payment Model Coalition builds off ACCC’s past Oncology Care Model (OCM) Collaborative by addressing the broader interest in alternative payment models (APMs) beyond the OCM.

The most widely known cancer care alternative payment model (APM)—the Oncology Care Model—included about 196 cancer practices (less than 1% of the US-based cancer programs) and more than 3,200 oncologists, covering approximately 155,000 Medicare beneficiaries nationwide.

While some community-based programs participated in the OCM, the vast majority were participating in some other form of APM, such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), Medicare Advantage, Medicaid Managed Care, or a systemwide accountable care organization (ACO).

The APMC will focus on addressing concerns about lack of preparedness to perform under these payment models, patient and provider access to the latest treatments, infrastructure, and long-term sustainability. This will be inclusive of medical, radiation, and surgical oncology and all respective APMs.

This initiative seeks to:

  • Gain important insights into how APMs impact cancer delivery, providers, and patients
  • Serve as a clearing house for tools and tactics for implementing and improving APMs
  • Facilitate collaboration and sharing of experiences between ACCC members related to APMs
  • Continue to provide constructive feedback to APM developers, such as the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), about issues pertinent to ACCC members.

Alternative Payment Model Implementation Checklist

As the healthcare industry moves from volume- to value-based care, cancer programs are thinking about their strategies and readiness for alternative payment models (APMs).

This checklist will help your program understand how your current capabilities align along the APM continuum from developing (i.e., just getting started) to evolved (i.e., years of experience). It will also help you determine the appropriate level of risk based on your program’s capabilities. Finally, the tool will help you understand the additional capabilities and competencies needed to evolve your APM strategy.

Get started by evaluating where your program stands in each area.


Alternative Payment Models In Cancer Care Online Course

As a result of market pressures to expand value-based healthcare in oncology, the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) developed the Alternative Payment Model Coalition (APMC) to gain important insights into how APMs impact cancer delivery. The APMC focuses primarily on providing education about APMs and other value-based programs in cancer care.

This course builds on the Oncology APM Readiness Assessment first introduced during the APMC workshop. If your cancer center is ready to begin or expand its journey to value-based care—but you are not sure how to get started—these modules can help. In each session, we will dive deeper into each domain and help you determine what is next for your cancer center. We will outline specific next steps and action items your organization can take to begin APM program implementation. In addition, we will also provide real-life examples that correspond to each topic.
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For more information about this initiative, please contact Blake McCreery-Cullifer, CPRP, Associate, Cancer Care Delivery & Health Policy.


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