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ACCC Statement on Trump Administration’s Executive Orders Addressing Prescription Drug Cost

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) is the leading education and advocacy organization for the cancer care community, representing more than 25,000 multidisciplinary practitioners from every discipline in oncology. Working in 2,100 private practices to hospital-based cancer programs, large healthcare systems, and major academic centers nationwide, ACCC members address the most critical issues in quality cancer care delivery.

On July 24, 2020, President Trump signed four Executive Orders (EOs) intended to lower prescription drug prices. While ACCC acknowledges the effort of the Trump Administration to address rising drug costs, we urge the administration to move carefully and with a clear understanding of the potential ramifications of these EOs on the cancer care delivery infrastructure.

Of particular concern is the policy that ties Medicare payment for outpatient drugs to international prices. If implemented without broader payment reform and over an extended period of time, this policy could have a devastating impact on cancer programs across the country.

ACCC believes that an international pricing model as currently envisioned would disproportionately impact cancer programs and practices in rural and underserved areas that have a high proportion of Medicare beneficiaries. This would reduce or eliminate these Medicare beneficiaries’ access to appropriate care and exasperate health inequities. 

As an organization deeply concerned about the rising cost of prescription drugs, ACCC remains committed to promoting patient access to the most effective cancer treatments that are medically necessary given a patient’s individualized needs.

ACCC recognizes there are numerous factors contributing to the rise of prescription drug prices. At the same time, ACCC greatly appreciates the opportunity to provide its perspective on the Administration’s EOs to lower prescription drug prices.

If you have any questions about our statement or would like to discuss in further detail, please contact Christian G. Downs, JD, MHA, ACCC Executive Director, at 301.984.9496 or cdowns@accc-cancer.org.

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The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) is the leading education and advocacy organization for the cancer care community. Founded in 1974, ACCC is a powerful network of 28,000 multidisciplinary practitioners from 2,100 hospitals and practices nationwide. As advances in cancer screening and diagnosis, treatment options, and care delivery models continue to evolve - so has ACCC - adapting its resources to meet the changing needs of the entire oncology care team. For more information, visit accc-cancer.org. Follow us on social media; read our blog, ACCCBuzz; tune in to our CANCER BUZZ podcast; and view our CANCER BUZZ TV channel.