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ASCO-ACCC Request for Ideas (RFI)

The Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) have announced a new collaboration to foster participation in cancer treatment trials to better reflect the diversity of people at risk for or living with cancer.

This joint ASCO-ACCC initiative is designed to identify and implement novel strategies and practical solutions to increase clinical trial participation of racial and ethnic minority populations that continue to be under-represented in cancer research.

“We recognize that there are complex forces and systems that have created disparities in cancer research and that solving these problems will take a multi-faceted integrated approach reflecting the best current thinking and expertise from the entire cancer community,” said ACCC President Randall A. Oyer, MD, co-chair of the new ASCO-ACCC Steering Group overseeing this initiative.

The ASCO-ACCC Steering Group will review and select ideas that may be modified, combined, implemented, and evaluated by ASCO and ACCC. Submitted ideas may be implemented and evaluated through the ASCO Targeted Agent and Profiling Utilization Registry (TAPURTMStudy, for example.

Criteria used to review and prioritize proposed ideas will include the potential to address racial and ethnic disparities in cancer treatment trials, replicability of the strategy, and indications that the submitter has demonstrated a commitment to equitable cancer care, among others. Individuals who submit ideas will be given an opportunity to work on the idea implementation, if interested. Please stay tuned for an announcement from ACCC and ASCO on the next steps in the selection process.

Read the press release announcing this new ASCO-ACCC initiative.