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Resources on Lung Programs

A Small, Island Community Hospital Removes Barriers to Lung Cancer Screening and Detection

Because of its growing retirement-age population and its unique location on a barrier island, The Outer Banks Hospital saw patients with lung cancer presenting at too late a stage for curative treatment. Learn how the hospital created an LDCT program and partnered with local providers and community cancer centers to identify patients with lung cancer at an earlier stage.
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Wheels Up—Bringing Lung Cancer Education & Screening to Rural Patients

The Levine Cancer Institute mobile lung CT unit hits the road providing access to lung cancer education and treatment, integrating technology, nurse navigation, and brick-and-mortar medical facilities and staff for patients in the rural Carolinas. This innovative model to reach at-risk populations in their home communities is slated to improve health equity and access to care, leading to earlier intervention and treatment for lung cancer patients, with the goal of reducing the number of stage III and IV diagnoses.
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Engaging Patients and Assisting Primary Care Providers in Lung Cancer Screening

The PIH Health Lung Cancer Screening Program improves the quality and timeliness of lung cancer care, as well as communication among the multidisciplinary treatment team. This nurse practitioner-run program utilizes an enrollment method—primary care practitioners (PCPs) can refer or patients can self-refer. The program schedules screenings, provides shared decision-making counseling and manages ongoing follow-up—relieving pressure on busy primary care providers. Recipient of a 2015 ACCC Innovator Award.
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Read this article to learn more on how they implemented this program (July/August 2016 Oncology Issues).

Rapid Access Chest and Lung Assessment Program (RACLAP)

Implemented by the Arundel Medical Center, Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute, Annapolis, Md., recipient of a 2012 ACCC Innovator Award winner.
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Read the full story of the RACLAP initiative (January/February 2015 Oncology Issues)

Rescue Lung, Rescue Life

Learn how ACCC-member program Lahey Hospital & Medical Center developed its LDCT lung cancer screening initiative Rescue Lung, Rescue Life (March/April 2014 Oncology Issues)

Development & Evolution of an Incidental Lung Lesion Program

Learn about this program, a component of the Thoracic Oncology Program at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital in Richmond, Va. (January/February 2015 Oncology Issues)

An Integrated Approach for Lung Cancer in a Community Setting (May/June 2013 Oncology Issues)

Developing a Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Clinic (May/June 2013 Oncology Issues)