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Webinar: Early Integration of Pathology into the Cancer Service Line

LIVE panel from the ACCC 45th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center Business Summit

Originally presented on March 21, 2019

Nicole Braccio, PharmD, National Patient Advocate Foundation
Carolyn Haskins, MS, CGC, Moffitt Cancer Center 
S. Michelle Shiller, DO, Baylor Scott & White Health

An insightful and thought-provoking discussion about the expanding role and importance of early engagement of pathologists—the laboratory physicians who guide, develop, and implement biomarker testing. Hear why early integration of the pathologist in all aspects of biomarker consideration is key. Learn how to develop collaborative opportunities with pathology and genetic counselors, as well as opportunities for growth. A patient advocate shares additional considerations for delivery of the highest level of patient-centered care to the patient.

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