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Core Purpose, Values, and Strategic Objectives

Core Purpose

To be the leading education and advocacy organization for the multidisciplinary cancer team.

Core Values

ACCC will fulfill its core purpose by pursuing and adhering to these core values:

Integrity - Collaboration - Stewardship - Knowledge - Service - Innovation - Excellence - Compassion

Strategic Objectives

Long-Range Goal:

  • ACCC will be recognized as the leading organization that advocates for quality comprehensive cancer care for all.

Three-to-Five Year Goals:

  • Goal A: Members will recognize the value of ACCC and utilize its resources for knowledge exchange, education, and networking.
  • Goal B: ACCC will expand its influence and advocacy for quality cancer care.
  • Goal C: ACCC will manage its resources to meet its financial objectives.
  • Goal D: ACCC will establish meaningful collaborations & partnerships.
  • Goal E: ACCC will examine its leadership and membership structure.