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Patient Assistance & Reimbursement Guide Overview

Patient Assistance GuideIn January 2022, ACCC upgraded its Patient Assistance & Reimbursement Guide print publication to a searchable, digital format!

You can now find the most up-to-date information on oncology assistance and reimbursement programs by searching for a prescribed product or company name, then further streamline your search by applying coverage and assistance-type filters.

Access details on all available financial assistance and reimbursement program benefits, application information, and eligibility criteria. Listings include direct links to external websites and company phone numbers and will be updated in real-time, so you’ll always have access to the latest information and external program links.

The digital Guide links directly to the ICD-10 codes website and the Library of NCCN Compendia for current indications. These resources were identified by ACCC members as the most up-to-date and authoritative source for this information.

ACCC Digital Patient Assistance & Reimbursement Guide

ACCC is asking members for their input on the usability of the digital Guide throughout 2022 to align future updates and members’ needs with this tool. Please share your comments and feedback to Maddelynne Parker, ACCC Content Manager.

ACCC would like to thank members of its Financial Advocacy Network and Oncology Pharmacy Education Network for their support in developing and testing this invaluable resource, including:

  • Dean Gruber, RPh, Vice President of Industry Relations, altScripts Specialty Pharmacy
  • Lori Schneider, Operations Manager, Green Bay Oncology
  • Jordan Karwedsky, Financial Counselor, Green Bay Oncology
  • Jacqueline Heroux, Financial Counselor, Green Bay Oncology
  • Megan Wright, CPHT, Oral Chemo Pharmacy Technician, Grand Valley Oncology

Special thank you to the staff at altScripts Specialty Pharmacy and Green Bay Oncology for their support of the digital Patient Assistance & Reimbursement Guide.


What They're Saying

Megan WrightAbsolutely love this resource and even more now that it is available online. Allows me to quickly set filters and find the assistance program that I need in a few seconds saving me invaluable time that can be spent with our patients.

— Megan Wright, CPHT
Oral Chemo Pharmacy Technician
Grand Valley Oncology

The guide is so important to my job and I have helped so many patients as a result. I cannot thank you enough for having this extremely helpful information in one place.

— Bonnie Snead
Insurance Authorization Manager
Inova Hematology Oncology
Fairfax, VA