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Oncology Pharmacy

As oncology engages in value-based reimbursement, new payment models, and precision medicine, oncology pharmacists and pharmacy staff are integral to successful delivery of quality, cost-effective patient care.

The challenges are ongoing: increasing complexity of treatment regimens, new drug approvals and indications, the expansion of biosimilars in oncology, rapid advances in immunotherapy, the high cost of cancer treatment, and continual regulatory and reimbursement changes.

The ACCC Oncology Pharmacy Education Network (OPEN) brings together education, resources, and peer-to-peer networking to help pharmacy professionals surmount the challenges and succeed.  OPEN offers the knowledge and know-how to navigate the accelerating course of change in oncology—clinically, operationally, fiscally, and programmatically. From USP <800> to integration of biosimilars, from preauthorizations to strategic planning—OPEN addresses real-world oncology pharmacy management issues such as reimbursement, distribution, inventory management, and effective integration of oral oncolytics, biosimilars, and immunotherapies for cancer.


From Oncology Issues

  •  Care Coordination: The Role of Pharmacy to Help Manage Patients with Cancer on Oral Oncolytics
    Because oral anti-cancer agents are most often administered outside of the clinic setting, it takes a multidisciplinary team to successfully manage these patients and their treatments.
  •  What Does Leading with Mindfulness and Compassion Look Like?
    Amanda Patton, MA
    In an interview with Oncology Issues, Dr. Weiss shares why she believes this work is important in all levels of healthcare—from the clinic to the boardroom.
  •  Compassionate Healthcare
    Krista Nelson, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C, FAOSW
    Many times, being present, allowing the grief, and letting our patients know they aren’t alone is the only “treatment” we have. So, what sustains us? How do we do this every day?
  •  A Focus on Our Staff
    Sibel Blau, MD
    At Northwest Medical Specialties, we, too, face challenges from staff stress and exhaustion. To address and overcome these challenges, our management team has made it a priority to bolster the resiliency of our staff.
  •  A Pharmacist Collaborative Practice Agreement Improves Oral Oncolytic Workflow and Reduces Treatment Delays
    Amanda L. Wright, PharmD, et al.
    St. Luke’s Cancer Institute, formerly known as Mountain States Tumor Institute, established its medically integrated pharmacy in 2010 to manage patients on oral oncolytics. To improve the workflow in the medically integrated pharmacy and assist busy providers with patient care, St. Luke’s Cancer institute’s pharmacy management team discussed opportunities to expand pharmacist responsibilities, including the implementation of a collaborative practice agreement.

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