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Oncology pharmacy services standards and guidelines are addressed by several regulatory agencies and professional organizations. Standards and guidelines sometimes apply to specific settings of care (as an example, The Joint Commission for hospitals), but the principles pertaining to quality, safety, and effectiveness of cancer care are the concern of Oncology Pharmacy Services in all sites of care. 

With the increasing complexity of cancer care, new indications and new drug approvals, emerging biosimilars in oncology, recent advances in immunotherapy, the high cost cancer treatment, and the ever-evolving regulatory and reimbursement landscape, the challenges for Oncology Pharmacy Services are ongoing.

ACCC provides education, resources, and networking opportunities to help cancer programs navigate care coordination issues specific to pharmacy such as reimbursement, distribution, inventory management, communication and training through the Oncology Pharmacy Education Network.

2018 Patient Assistance Guide

From Oncology Issues

  •  Back to CAP?
    By Leah Ralph
    Secretary Alex Azar has expressed strong interest in revitalizing Medicare’s Competitive Acquisition Program (CAP) and introducing negotiation into Part B drug pricing.
  •  Drug-Specific Videos for Patient Chemotherapy Education
    By James L. Weese, MD, FACS; Kerry A. Twite, RN, MSN, AOCNS; Marija Bjegovich-Weidman, RN, MSN, OCN; and Amy J. Bock, RN, BSN, OCN, MBA
    Long, written descriptions of chemotherapy and its side effects, particularly when prescribing multiple drugs, are often ignored by patients who are overwhelmed by their cancer diagnosis and treatment. From the perspective of the patients, it was clear that all patients needed basic information regarding chemotherapy, including how to react to different situations while on chemotherapy and specifics about the drugs they were going to receive.
  •  Another Wild Ride?
    By Leah Ralph
  •  Improving Profitability & Service
    Learn how process improvements in an outpatient infusion center may strengthen financial performance. Included are a review process for non-formulary medications and new drug or service request form.
  •  Oral Chemotherapy: What Your Patients Need to Know
    Elizabeth Bettencourt, RN, MSN, OCN
    Storage, handling, and disposal of oral agents; possible drug-drug and drug-food interactions; dosing requirements, a plan for missed doses, a refill process; and more on what your patients need to know about oral agents.

Additional Resources


Patient-Centered Scheduling: Costs & Benefits of Extending Practice Hours
This special report from ACCC examines the pros and cons of extended infusion suite hours. Included is tool to help practices and programs assess the feasibility of extending hours of care.

Oral Chemotherapy

Dispensing Pharmacy Patient Education Tool
Physician dispensing is governed by state law and regulated by State Boards of Pharmacy. While some states do not allow physician dispensing, most of the states that allow it require dispensing physicians to alert their patients about other options to fill their prescription(s). In response to this need, ACCC has developed this patient education tool that can be used across care settings.

News Coverage

At the 2018 ASCO Annual Meeting, Oncology Business Review interviewed ACCC member Ivo Abraham, PhD, RN, for an update on biosimilars in oncology. Dr. Abraham is Professor of Pharmacy and Medicine at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, where he is also affiliated with the Center for Health Outcomes and PharmacoEconomic Research, the Arizona Cancer Center, and the Center for Applied Genomics and Genetic Medicine. Dr. Abraham is a member of the ACCC Immuno-Oncology Institute Executive Committee.

Dr. Abraham shares his perspective on hurdles to adoption of biosimilars in oncology:

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