OPTIC Overview

Oncology programs and practices are continually challenged to keep pace with rapidly evolving clinical and technological advancements in the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancer. In 2020, the FDA approved 20 new cancer drugs, and more are expected in 2021. With 3,695 active clinical trials of cancer treatments in the U.S., the pipeline for new innovations is expanding, and approvals are expected to accelerate. But incorporating new therapies and diagnostics into cancer programs is difficult, particularly for lower-resourced community urban and rural practices, in which funding for training and new tools can be scarce.

To help facilitate the education and training that new treatment options often require, ACCC has created the Oncology Practice Transformation and Integration Center (OPTIC). OPTIC is establishing a network of multidisciplinary professionals to support ongoing peer-to-peer learning and adoption of new therapies and technologies at community cancer centers. OPTIC will provide the resources necessary to support the successful implementation of innovations and emerging practices within cancer care teams and across disciplines.

To accomplish this, an expert steering committee representing the key disciplines involved in integrating new diagnostics, drug therapies, and guidelines will guide OPTIC’s work. In addition to a series of learning webinars, this initiative will produce an online “bootcamp”—a dynamic educational platform in which members can learn at their own pace to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to enable the adoption of new innovations. In addition, an integration resource toolkit will provide practical information, resources, and tools for all members of the multidisciplinary cancer care team.

For more information about this project, please contact Maya Sanford, Program Manager, ACCC Provider Education.

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This project is supported by AstraZeneca.