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Clinical trials can be a lifeline for patients with cancer, providing leading-edge care by clinicians dedicated to a specific disease, and the oncology community is filled with stories of patients whose lives were improved and/or extended due to participation in a trial. Despite the potential of clinical research to improve outcomes for patients with cancer, enrollment in trials remains stubbornly low—fewer than 3% of cancer patients in the U.S. participate.1According to a review of 7,776 adult oncology trials between 2005 and 2011, 20% closed early due to failure to meet their enrollment targets.2


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ACCC is committed to increasing the clinical trials “footprint” within community oncology. In Phase 1 of this project, ACCC will reach out to multidisciplinary cancer care team members to develop specific resources to help raise awareness and increase foundational knowledge around clinical research.
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This monthly online newsletter highlights promising new trials and offers expert guidance in clinical trial access and operations to help community oncology close the gap on cancer research.
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