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Rx Outreach®

Rx Outreach is a nonprofit pharmacy committed to helping people get the medications they need at an affordable price. Rx Outreach is a fully licensed, nonprofit, mail-order pharmacy that ships medications directly to patients’ homes or the healthcare provider’s office.

For more information, visit the RxOutreach website or call 1.888.796.1234.

RxOutreach Enrollment

Since RxOutreach is a mail-order pharmacy, it is able to ship medications directly to the healthcare provider’s office or patients’ homes. To make the process simple and cost-effective, RxOutreach ships enough medication for 30, 60, 90, or 180 days at a time. RxOutreach is available to qualifying individuals and families. Patients can be on Medicare, Medicaid, or other health insurance and still qualify. It serves people whose income is at or below 400 percent of the federal poverty level. Patients can quickly check their eligibility online.

How to enroll in Rx Outreach:

  1. Fax the completed application to 1.800.875.6591. 

  2. Create an account online.

  3. Call 1.888.796.1234.

Once patients are enrolled in Rx Outreach and have decided which medications they would like to order, their doctor should e-prescribe or fax the prescription to the program. Patients can mail their hard copy prescription to Rx Outreach as well.

For any questions, call 1.888.796.1234.