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Cancer Care Associates of York



Cancer Care Associates of York
York, Pennsylvania

An APP-Physician Model Improves Risk Stratification and Palliative Care

Jia Conway, DNP, CRNP, AOCNP, Nurse Practitioner

With the understanding that patient education about palliative care is an important component of oncology care, this practice implemented an APP-Physician model to provide this education. Risk-stratification assessment tools establish baseline metrics related to deficits in the areas of nutrition, psychosocial, performance and mental status changes, skin breakdown, fall risks, incontinence risk, and treatment tolerance, as well as existing co-morbidities. Providers then use these outcome measurements to make patient-specific, safe treatment decisions about chemotherapy, immunotherapy, surgery, and/or radiation.

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Early Palliative Care Program Proactively Meets Patient Needs

Innovator-2021-Seal-singular-80x80Palliative care services are an important element of comprehensive cancer care. However, patients are not usually introduced to palliative care providers until their services are needed. Cancer Care Associates of York—a community-based private practice in York, Penn.—is changing this by identifying high-risk patients suitable for palliative interventions up front and allowing patients to access palliative care services as early as possible.
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