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Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute
Scarborough, Maine

Leveraging a 3D Lung Nodule Educational Tool to Reduce Patient Distress

Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute explored use of a 3D-printed nodule tool to help providers educate patients and engage in shared-decision making about this commonly reported lung lesion. Their study goals were twofold: evaluate if the tool reduced patient distress after a lung nodule finding and evaluate if the tool improved patient understanding of lung cancer risk. Data showed that using this type of 3D educational tool as part of shared decision-making facilitates high quality communication, improves patient knowledge about malignancy risk, reduces emotional distress, and improves quality of life. Hear how this type of educational tool can improve patient care at your program or practice.

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3D Model Helps Ease Patient Distress

innovatorAwards-2020-sealSingular-80x80To help patients make more informed treatment decisions, a geriatric nurse practitioner sought to create educational models for patients receiving lung screenings. She partnered with an art student to design and implement a 3D model to illustrate to patients exactly what a lung nodule looks like. “We can build tools that encourage patient engagement so we're just not talking at patients,” says the nurse. “We're helping them truly understand what's happening within their bodies.”.
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