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Utilizing Technology to Identify Patient Co-Morbidities and Reduce Hospital and ED Admissions

After analysis of Oncology Care Model data identified three comorbid illnesses that led to significantly higher rates of unplanned emergency department (ED) visits and hospitalizations—COPD, congestive heart failure, and diabetes mellitus—Tennessee Oncology developed targeted management algorithms that proactively addressed these conditions. Today care coordinators use these algorithms to screen, identify, and help manage at-risk patients via the care management platform, either by patient-initiated contact, such as telephone triage, or through a patient health portal, depending on the patient’s access and comfort with this technology. For patients admitted to the ED or hospital, admission software provides real-time data to the practice to improve patient management and reduce length of stay and readmissions.

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Hospital Event Platform Better Monitors Patient Care

innovatorAwards-2020-sealSingular-80x80When cancer patients in treatment experience side effects and seek care at local emergency departments, their oncologists may only find out afterward—if at all. Obtaining the treatment information that results from ED visits has historically been difficult. To better track their patients’ care, Tennessee Oncology has partnered with an IT vendor to customize and implement a portal and database that sends oncology providers real-time notifications when a patient presents at an ED or is admitted to a hospital.”
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v36n3-leveraging-technology-to-reduce-hospital-and-emergency-room-admissions-and-identify-patient-comorbidities-223x300Leveraging Technology to Reduce Hospital and Emergency Room Admissions and Identify Patient Comorbidities

Though drug costs are an increasingly important topic as it pertains to value-based care, this article will focus on our approach to reduce hospital-related and comorbidity costs. Tennessee Oncology formed a Care Transformation Team with the focus of addressing admissions in real time, as well as follow-up care for discharges.
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