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Addressing the needs of older adults with cancer is critical for the delivery of high-quality, patient-centered care. Through the Multidisciplinary Approaches to Caring for Older Adults with Cancer project, ACCC will identify barriers and best practices for serving this growing patient population in order to help support the multidisciplinary team in understanding and proactively preparing for the impact of our graying nation on cancer prevalence and co-morbidity burden.

Insights will inform efforts to design and implement quality care programs, and will be shared broadly in a publication that will feature real-world case study examples. The aim of this project is to create a reference that can be used across cancer care settings to support effective design and implementation of programs for managing geriatric patients.


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Geriatric-Oncology-SupplementMultidisciplinary Approaches to Caring for Older Adults with Cancer

This new publication offers a convenient summary of challenges, successes, and effective practices to ensure quality care is implemented in a thoughtful, proactive, cost-effective way.

  • Current Recommendations for Conducting Comprehensive Geriatrics Assessments (CGAs)
  • The Difference Geriatric Assessments Can Make: Patient Examples
  • Sample Goals for Working with Your Older Adult Patients

Plus, read how three cancer programs have illustrated diverse approaches for improving care for older adults with cancer.


SO19-Growing-Need-Demands-New-Approaches-to-Caring-for-Older-Adults-with-Cancer-285x370As the need to bring multidisciplinary approaches to cancer care for older Americans becomes increasingly evident, ACCC is providing resources to identify barriers, share information and validated tools for screening and assessing older adults, and provide models that illustrate effective approaches in addressing the needs of this growing patient population. This Oncology Issues article summarizes ACCC’s landscape analysis of the state of cancer care for older adults, including a survey of the membership.
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