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3 Resources to Transform Care

ACCC has developed a suite of practical resources to help teams access and improve the level of care for serving older adults with cancer.

Your team can use these resources to transform care for this growing population.

1. Geriatric Oncology Gap Assessment: Take the evidence-based gap assessment tool to evaluate key elements of care. Assess your program’s performance against validated measures and best practices related to older adult care in nine domains. You will receive a report with a score and recommendations for improvement.

2. Practical Application of Geriatric Assessment: A How-To Guide for the Multidisciplinary Team: Read the how-to guide to design a multidisciplinary approach to holistic care without burdening staff or budgets. They key is to start with something simple and feasible.

3. Online Resource Library: Browse the resource library which includes more than 100 validated assessment tools, offering solutions for all care delivery settings.

“Older adults with cancer deserve greater attention from the oncology community. All of us are in a position to help them to live better."

Dr. Loh Orange CircleMelissa Kah Poh Loh, MBBCh, BAO
Geriatric Hematologist and Oncologist, Young SIOG Co-Chair
James Wilmot Cancer Center end-quote

Practical Applications of Geriatric Assessment

Practical Application of Geriatric Assessment: A How-To Guide for the Multidisciplinary Team

Offers practical solutions to implementing a comprehensive approach to geriatric screening and assessment without having to invest significant resources. The key to successful implementation of geriatric assessments is to start with something simple and feasible, then expand from there.


Questions? Please contact Elana Plotkin, CMP-HC, Assistant Director, ACCC Provider Education.

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