While breast cancer is a high-profile disease, receiving significant private and public research funding and focused awareness and prevention initiatives, patients with metastatic breast cancer face unique challenges. As part of the ongoing ACCC Metastatic Breast Cancer Project, an expert Advisory Committee is working with partner organizations to bring together resources, information, and tools to address gaps in knowledge, improve patient-provider communication, and support holistic, patient-centered care for patients living with metastatic breast cancer.

Through an environmental scan and interviews with leading breast cancer experts, multidisciplinary cancer care providers, and patient advocates, ACCC has identified 6 effective principles and practices for patient support. Learn more about specific challenges for this patient population and find out how several ACCC Cancer Program members integrate the 6 principles into practice in the companion Metastatic Breast Cancer workbook.

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The new, online ACCC Metastatic Breast Cancer Resource Library connects you to curated materials (webinars, articles, blogs, and more) specific to supporting your MBC patients through specialized support tools and tailored education.

Search by topic, resource type (e.g., webinar, article, blog, tool), point of care, or by the effective practices identified in the ACCC Metastatic Breast Cancer project workbook—then share these nationally available, free resources with your patients.
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MBC Case StudiesEffective Principles in Action

Building on principles to reframe the patient-provider conversation identified in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Workbook, Metastatic Breast Cancer: Effective Principles in Action explores how three differently structured cancer programs are creating and evolving approaches to implementing these principles.
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ACCC thanks the following member programs for their participation:

Cowell Family Cancer Center Munson Healthcare
Traverse City, Michigan

Koontz Center for Advanced Breast Cancer, Saint Luke's Health System
Kansas City, Missouri

Providence Cancer Institute
Providence Health & Services
Portland, Oregon


MBC PublicationWorkbook & Case Studies

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Effective Principles & Practices in Patient Support includes key highlights from the project's environmental scan, a communication process map that integrates 6 effective principles into the care continuum, helping to reframe and improve the conversation between providers and patients, and examples of how ACCC Cancer Program members are putting these principles into action to delivery holistic, patient-centered care.
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ACCC thanks the following member programs for their participation:

Gibbs Cancer Center
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Providence Cancer Center
Portland, Oregon

Sanford Cancer Center
Fargo, South Dakota


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