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[VIDEO PODCAST] Ep 07: Genetic Testing & Telehealth

October 21, 2021

On this episode, we’ll hear what genetic counselors wish providers would say to their patients. We’ll uncover a few common barriers to genetic counseling and testing for patients with cancer and—from the genetic counselor’s perspective—how providers can help improve the uptake of testing delivered via telehealth to educate, inform, and improve patient care.

Genetic counselors—as members of the cancer care team—can help patients better understand their cancer diagnosis, make informed treatment decisions, and navigate the financial costs of testing.

Katie LemasGuest:

Katie Lemas, MS, CGC
Certified Genetic Counselor
Genome Medical

end-quote“Genetic counselors are here to help patients and providers—we are integral part of the care team. Telemedicine can help bring access to genetic counselors for patients all over the country and help them utilize all this information the same way patients in a metropolitan area do.” 

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