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Legacy Cancer Institute
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The Oncology Pharmacy Navigator: A New Best Practice Model for Managing Medications

An oncology pharmacy navigator can improve adherence to medications, maintain accurate medication lists, address medication-related symptoms quickly, and assist patients struggling to pay for medications. Learn how Legacy Cancer Institute’s oncology pharmacy navigator realized more than $235,000 of cost savings in one year. Quality targets include meeting at least half of all referrals in person and conducting complete medication reconciliation in at least half of all referrals. This navigator is an innovative role that has distinguished the cancer program, assisted in accreditation efforts, and benefited cancer patients.

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Managing Medications in Cancer Programs: A New Best Practice Model

At the Legacy Cancer Institute in Portland, Oregon, the position of Oncology Pharmacy Navigator has become an integral part of our program. During a recent accreditation visit, American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer surveyors specifically cited the Oncology Pharmacy Navigator as a “best practice.” Launched in 2015 and initially funded at a 50 percent FTE level by a Legacy Foundation grant, in just over three years this new position has delivered multiple benefits to our patients and our program.
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MJ19-The-Oncology-Pharmacy-Navigator-223x300The Oncology Pharmacy Navigator

The oncology pharmacy navigator is a new best practice model and an integral part of our multidisciplinary program at Legacy Cancer Institute in Portland, Oregon. An oncology pharmacy navigator is a specially trained pharmacist dedicated to providing medication management by educating patients and families about prescribed medications, improving drug adherence, maintaining accurate drug lists for individual patients, addressing drug-related symptoms quickly, and improving overall compliance with treatment plans. The financial burden of a cancer diagnosis is lessened because the oncology pharmacy navigator focuses on cost-effective therapy while also decreasing barriers to medication access and addressing patients’ financial concerns.
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