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Temple Cancer Program

Temple University Hospital, Temple Cancer Program

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Creating Transparency with an Electronic Dosimetry Whiteboard

Delays in completion of treatment plans were leading to decreased patient satisfaction, patient care delays, lowered employee morale, and potential lost revenue. Analysis showed improvement was needed in communication between staff members and timely completion of tasks. To achieve this, the radiation oncology department at Temple University Hospital created an electronic dosimetry “whiteboard,” which centrally displays the status of every case.

Temple’s whiteboard not only increased transparency and communication within the radiation oncology department, it helped identify potential bottlenecks, expediting the ability to make process changes. Implementation of the whiteboard also resulted in improvements in patient satisfaction, employee morale, and accountability.

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Listen to a full recording of Temple's presentation at the ACCC 30th National Oncology Conference. (Available to ACCC members only.)