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Effective Practices for MBC

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Metastatic Breast Cancer: Effective Principles & Practices in Patient Support includes key highlights from the project's environmental scan, a communication process map that integrates 6 effective principles into the care continuum, helping to reframe and improve the conversation between providers and patients, and examples of how ACCC Cancer Program members are putting these principles into action to delivery holistic, patient-centered care.
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ACCC thanks the following member programs for their participation:

Gibbs Cancer Center
Spartanburg, South Carolina

Providence Cancer Center
Portland, Oregon

Sanford Cancer Center
Fargo, South Dakota


In 2016 ACCC completed an environmental scan, which combined primary and secondary research to identify existing systems and approaches that effectively support patients with metastatic breast cancer, including key documents to help ACCC understand the gaps and recent innovations that exist within patient support for this patient population. From this environmental scan and 16 phone interviews with notable leaders in patient care and support of metastatic breast cancer, ACCC identified 6 effective principles:

  • Principle #1: Empower the Patient
  • Principle #2: Reframe the Conversation
  • Principle #3: Reduce Patient Isolation
  • Principle #4: Offer Logistical Support at the Cancer Program
  • Principle #5: Connect Patients with Support in the Community
  • Principle #6: Collaborate in the Interest of Patients

See where the 6 effective practices to support metastatic breast cancer patients are applied along the care continuum:

MBC Communications Process MapMetastatic Breast Cancer Communications Map

This process map is included in the
Metastatic Breast Cancer: Effective Principles & Practices in Patient Support workbook.

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