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The role of biomarkers in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment is rapidly evolving. As knowledge about the molecular biology of cancer continues to expand, identification of actionable biomarkers (biological changes occurring in the body such as protein expression, receptors, hormones, enzymes, as well as both somatic and germline genetic mutations) continues to increase. Biomarkers (also referred to as "tumor markers" or "molecular markers") have enabled researchers to better understand cancer subtypes and to develop targeted anti-cancer therapies. The National Cancer Institute has compiled a list of commonly used biomarkers, their associated cancer types, and how the marker is used.  View the list.


Biomarker Testing in Practice: Process Improvement Toolkit
Review the four key elements needed when developing a precision medicine program that successfully incorporates biomarker testing.

Application of Biomarkers in Clinical Trials
This white paper details considerations when determining to conduct biomarker testing on a patient, and the role the test results may play in potentially making that patient eligible for future clinical trials.

Operational Pathways for Biomarker Testing in NSCLC Environmental Scan
Read an overview of the current landscape of biomarker testing, barriers to implementing testing recommendations, and possible solutions toward creating operational efficiencies in testing.

Cancer Buzz Podcasts

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Digital Tools

Biomarker Lexicon
Explore the many terms associated with the different areas and applications of cancer biomarkers.

Biomarker Resource Library
Search this resource bank of nationally available materials relevant to cancer biomarkers and biomarker testing. You may filter by cancer type, area of application, and/or primary audience.

Biomarker Testing Implementation Roadmap for Advanced NSCLC
An innovative tool to implement, expand, and sustain biomarker testing for patients with advanced NSCLC.

Biomarker Testing Resource Library
Curated materials to support the implementation of biomarker testing for patients with advanced NSCLC.

On-Demand Webinars

  • This webinar will review how the steps in the life cycle of a patient specimen can affect its molecular integrity and molecular analysis results. Our expert speaker will define the roles of stewardship across the specimen chain of custody, discuss common factors that compromise specimen fitness for molecular testing, and describe solutions to improve preanalytics and tissue stewardship.

  • Two thought leaders who have deep knowledge of—and experience in—biomarker testing in patients with hematologic malignancies will discuss best practices for biomarker testing in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and multiple myeloma based on patient case discussions and the latest guidelines.

  • Take a deeper dive into the differences between germline and somatic mutations and what this means for patients with cancer and their families. Considerations for tumor types where somatic and germline testing comes into play for colorectal, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate cancers will be discussed.

  • This webinar will help participants better understand the role of laboratory medicine professionals and pathologists in biomarker testing and incorporate a review of testing techniques and applications, lab-specific regulations, and the impact of those regulations on biomarker testing.

  • This on-demand panel discussion provides a review pf the current policies and regulations that drive costs related to biomarker testing.