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[VIDEO PODCAST] Ep 03: The IT Professional as a Multidisciplinary Team Member

June 24, 2021



The COVID-19 pandemic propelled rapid uptake of telehealth across healthcare. In this episode, we talk with an experienced cancer center information technology (IT) professional about how the role of the IT professional in quality, patient-centered cancer care delivery and what lies ahead.

Brian Dunn Headshot Circle“I hope that telehealth continues to grow as the pandemic recedes. It’s been around for a long time... but now that the value has been seen for telehealth, that we’ll continue to see it grow into the future, especially for cancer care.”end-quote

Brian Dunn

Unified Communications Engineer for Tele-Oncology
UVA Health, Karen S. Rheuban Center for Telehealth, Telehealth Operations

This video podcast is produced as part of the “Adoption & Expansion of Telehealth Solutions” education program. This program is supported by Lilly and Amgen. Learn more here.


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