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[PODCAST] Ep 56: What Comes Next for Telehealth?

April 27, 2021

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Long lagging in acceptance from providers, patients, and payers, telehealth has undergone a renaissance in use due to the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling millions of people to receive care remotely for the first time. Patient advocates who had lobbied for the reimbursement of remote& care for years saw a drastic reversal of policies, with public and private payers suspending their rules which had previously limited reimbursement for telehealth. 

Now that the pandemic appears to be ebbing in parts of the country, providers are wondering whether the regulatory and policy changes enacted during 2020 will remain. In this episode of CANCER BUZZ, we talk about what may change and what’s likely to remain the same regarding reimbursement for telehealth this year and beyond. 

Guests: Mei Wa Kwong, JD, Executive Director, Center for Connected Health Policy 

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