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Explore key takeaways from a meeting between ACCC, Inova Schar Cancer Institute, and delegates from the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.
An overview of the modern health care workforce reveals a concerning disparity in the amount of African American medical professionals.
On Friday, March 10, the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) concluded its ACCC 49th Annual Meeting & Cancer Center. The conference came to a close with a keynote on leveraging robotics in the pharmacy, as well as a session discussing the challenges of the recent nursing strike.
Care optimization is everything in today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Learn how ACCC's nationwide quality improvement (QI) initiative helped Southern Ohio Medical Center Cancer Center develop and implement plans to support the optimization of care for patients diagnosed with Stages III and IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
On September 16, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network convened experts and stakeholders in D.C. for a policy summit spotlighting today’s cancer screening and prevention landscape. Learn what speakers discussed, including what changes need to happen to create an equitable future for all people at risk—or not—for cancer.
Communities around the globe recognize August 1 as World Lung Cancer Day—a day to commemorate, educate, and support individuals and families impacted by lung cancer. Read highlights on a few ACCC initiatives that are helping cancer care teams better support their patients with this disease.
Learn how ChristianaCare has embedded primary care within its cancer service line to help oncology patients manage their comorbidities to maximize their anti-cancer treatment.
The VCU Massey Cancer Center incorporated a legal service at their center because more work had to be done to address social determinants of health rooted in legal problems in order to offer comprehensive services that met the full gamut of its patients’ needs.
ACCC has partnered with several of its oncology state societies to establish the Appalachian Community Cancer Alliance—a key effort to address disparities in cancer screening and care delivery in the region.
The final post in a three-blog series, ACCCBuzz spoke to Megan Morava, PA-C, and Alexandra Greenawalt who share how one independent oncology practice and local community center are taking action to improve equitable cancer care delivery at the local level.
Presbyterian Healthcare Services developed a unique service, offering patients with cancer certain clinical interventions and wellness checks in the comfort of their home that is provided by the Albuquerque Ambulance Service Mobile Integrated Health team.
Comprehensive cancer care encompasses a wide range of services that are critical to high-quality care and the patient experience.
To meet patients’ needs during the height of the pandemic, this cancer program created a collaborative and more efficient hybrid-style Integrative Therapy Program for all of its oncology sites.
Because transportation disruptions can result in missed appointments, treatment delays, and potentially adverse health outcomes, we must help ensure that our patients have access to safe and reliable means of transportation.
This cancer program continues to meet patients’ psychosocial needs through enduring telehealth expansion, livestream groups and classes, and on-demand digital repositories.
Noble experts make some of the best teachers who often do their work in the trenches, consistently performing with humility and compassion. Their influence extends beyond the workplace into both their own lives and the lives of others, and often into history. In this blog, Robin Atkins, RN, OCN, remembers The James River Clinic and its noble experts.
One important step toward supporting the health of Indigenous Peoples was the opening of the Center for Indigenous Cancer Research (CICR) at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in January 2020. Its mission: to reduce the impact of cancer on Indigenous communities regionally, nationally, and internationally.
AMCCBS Virtual sessions on Thursday, March 4, will focus on practical strategies for better managing your organization. There is no specific roadmap to success for your cancer program or practice, but AMCCBS Virtual can help by hosting sessions that will share new perspectives and ideas for expanding your service line portfolio to better meet the needs of your patients.
ACCCBuzz sat down with ASCO's Dr. Richard L. Schilsky to look back on his career and look forward to the future breakthroughs in this era and beyond.
At the risk of repeating a phrase that has been exhausted this year, the dawn of 2020 brought with it unprecedented times. Whereas a pandemic on its own would have dominated everything else, this year also brought on an economic depression; a racial awakening; record-breaking wildfires, hurricanes, and floods; political turmoil on an extraordinary scale; and a host of additional unique phenomena. …
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